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Our Services

Revenue Cycle operations

Eligibility and Benefit Verification

Eligibility and Benefit Verification

Verifying patients benefit eligibility and obtaining prior authorization for services from insurers is a time-consuming process for providers and their staff. Individual insurers have their own specific requirements which must be followed in order for services to be covered. Our staff can work with insurers to perform these tasks, ensuring that patients are eligible to receive the services being requested, and determining what their financial responsibility will be. Knowing this information prior to the patient visit allows you to know what the patient’s obligation will be prior to the service being performed, accelerating the collection process. Other advantages to you are:

  • Faster approval
  • Fewer returned claims
  • Improved payment and collection rates
  • More time for office staff to focus on other tasks
  • Patients better understand their financial obligations
medical coding


Properly coding services is vital to a practice’s ability to maximize their reimbursement from insurers and other third-party payers. Our certified coders will review your chart notes to select the correct codes to use for billing. This process will also proactively discover hidden revenue opportunities that might otherwise be missed, as well as ensure coding compliance.

  • ICD-9/ICD-10 Coding
  • CPT and HCPS Coding
  • Surgery Coding
  • Hospital Coding
  • HCC Coding
  • Insurance Specific Coding
  • Computer Assisted Coding
  • Designing Superbill / Charge Sheet
Claims Submission and Payment Posting

Charge Entry and Claims Scrubbing

Correctly entering charges into a claim goes hand-in-hand with proper coding. These processes must work together to eliminate denials or improper reimbursement from insurers. Our team will use best practices developed to ensure that patient demographics and clinical information are entered correctly so that claims are accurate. In addition, after all charges and codes have been entered, the claims are scrubbed on a daily basis by editing charge batches against insurer requirements. This increases the likelihood that claims are paid the first time they are submitted.

Claims Submission and Payment Posting

Claims Submission
and Payment Posting

Once claims are audited for accuracy, our staff will submit them to the insurer for payment electronically and monitor the status of your claims. If a claim is denied or delayed for any reason, we will work with the insurer to resolve the issue as quickly as possible to reduce the days in accounts receivable. As payments come into your practice, we will manage receiving, posting and reconciling your accounts receivable to provide you with a clear, real-time snapshot of your practice’s financial picture. This is all done through a HIPPA compliant online portal.

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management

KollectMD will monitor the status of your unpaid claims and proactively work with insurers to get them paid faster. If additional information is needed from your practice in order for a claim to be paid, our team will work with your staff to obtain it for the insurer. The result will be a reduction of days in AR, which frees up more of your working capital to help your practice continue to provide high quality care to your patients.

Denial Management

Denial Management

While KollectMD can significantly reduce the number of denied claims in your practice, some will still happen. When they do, our team will drill down to the root cause for which the claim was denied. We will review all documentation the insurer sends about the denial, and file an appeal according to their requirements with a corrected claim that includes the missing information. As part of this process, we will track the status of the claim with regular follow-up. Another aspect of our denial management service is targeting high-impact denials by type and recommending process improvements to prevent them in the future.



KollectMD produces several reports which will help you more effectively manage your practice which include:

Accounts Receivable Aging Report

Shows which claims have not been paid, as well as how long they have been unpaid.

Clearing House & Payer Rejections Report

Identifies claims rejected by payers and helps identify the root causes of those rejections, which can help minimize them from occurring in the future.

Patient Payments Report

Shows which patients have paid (copays, coinsurance, deductibles, non-covered services, etc.) and which ones still have outstanding balances that need to be followed-up on.

Insurance Analysis Report

Tracks payments, charges and collections of the top ten payers for your practice. This information can be helpful for not only managing your revenue, but also in future contract negotiations with these plans.

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